Catherine Dhandho

Personal Development Coach

Allow me to assist you on your path of true Freedom.

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How can I assist?

Health & Life Coaching

Health & Life Coaching can be helpful if you suffer from lack of self-worth, depression, stress, anxiety, overweight, stagnation in your sex-life, or if you are facing an important cross-road in your life. Allow me to assist you on your path to freedom.The content of the coaching sessions is kept strictly confidential!

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Energy Healing

  • Reiki
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Rebirthing
  • Orgon Therapy
  • Energy medecine & Potions
  • Shakti Reboot
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BMS Detox plan

BMS Detox Program

Toxins are found in the physical, emotional, mental and in the energy body. To discover our soul purpose we need to detox our bodies on all levels. Toxicity creates blockages and disease. Once we detox the body & revitalise  it, it becomes a clear vessel for powerful life force energy to flow through again! 

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Mind Rebooting

Where the Mind goes, the man follows! Our beliefs create our reality, beliefs are thoughts we continue to think. Most of our belief system is rooted in our upbringing. The mind works like a computer, we need an anti-virus program and update the software regularly. Mind Rebooting replaces the outdated thought-patterns and programs.

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Relationship Therapy

Healthy relationships determine the quality of our lives. Once we deal with the root of our problems we can heal and revitalise our connection. I can show you how to avoid or stop fights, and I can teach you how to rekindle passion and desire. We need to keep the fire burning, ladies. Menopause is not the end, it’s just the beginning! 

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Our Body is our Temple! Exercise is essential for our overall health, it produces the happy hormones called endorphins and the anti-stress hormone cortisol. Medchiyoga relieves stress, tones the body, improves focus & mental clarity, increases lung capacity,  breath control and it improves flexibility, balance and our stamina.

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Problems are Gifts in disguise

We can use the obstacles of our past as a gateway to new beginnings. We don’t like to hear this, but a problem always produces a solution that puts us in a better place than we were before the problem occurred. When we shift our perspective, our reality changes.  Life Coaching can help us get the clarity and insights that are required to step into your full potential. We have to let go of our outdated “stinking thinking” and unhealthy habits if we want to experience peace, health, abundance, success and true love.

Catherine Dhandho

Healing Retreats

The Magic of Sedona is an amazing Healing Retreat that can literally transform your life in less than a week time. An opportunity to release old trauma and re-discover your Soul Purpose in a Unique and Sacred Power Places of the world. Sedona the land of the vortices, is one of the most beautiful and magical places on earth. Breathtaking views transport you to a totally different state  of consciousness.

Being out on the land in between the magnificent Red Rocks brings balance and healing. An unforgettable journey!  Coaching is offered  in English, Spanish and Dutch. 


From pain to power

Developing self-awareness is one of the most important things you can do to create the life you truly desire. It will help you cultivate better relationships, on a personal, social and a professional level. With a good understanding of how we relate to people and by observing what upsets us in others, we can become aware of our own imbalances. Unless you learn to face your own shadow, you will continue to see them in others, because of what my favourite teacher always says: 

“What comes to you, must come out of you first!”  The external world is only a reflection of the internal world inside you. Once we realize and understand this principle we can see the root of our problems and see them for what they truly are, a blessing in disguise. Once we learn how to apply the law of reflection we can start making the appropriate adjustments to manifest the required results. When you increase your level of awareness, your consciousness expands and you become fully responsible for all your actions and their consequences. It will result in better decision making in every area in your life. Through effective coaching you can let go of the stagnating beliefs, discover new ways, find your soul purpose and get inspired to start living a meaningful and fulfilling life in a healthy body, with a balanced mind and happy spirit.




We focus on re-integration of the Devine Feminine Energy and the Healing of the Sacral Chakra. Women have the opportunity to rebalance their sexual & creative energy in a safe and supporting environment. Information and education about the power and potential of the female energy is essential. Most women are still subconsciously suppressed through old-school collective programming. Beliefs, feelings and emotions we bury alive, never die, they keep directing our path. In this workshop we discover ways to release the blockages and re-awaken or reactivate the kundalini energy.  It is a beautiful experience that empowers women to step into their full potential. 


I highly recommend Catherine, she is an immensely gifted & wise woman. With her experience she is probably one of the best healers from Sedona. I am forever grateful. Her energy alone is a vortex in itself, so vibrant and alive you can feel it lift yourself and the entire room! The Orgotrone is amazing! Catherine measures the imbalances and what needs clearing. During my session I felt super relaxed and I felt the energy shifts occur. My friend who can see aura’s too noticed a big difference, my energy is clear and bright. My overall health is better and look more vibrant. Catherine's coaching has tremendously helped put me in a much stronger position. Extremely grateful!
Kim Neil
Graphic Designer
If you wanna fresh start, Catherine will put you on one of her BMS-detox programs, oh boy what an experience... Not only did I release physical toxins, but we decluttered my mind, dissolved my emotional blockages and I am now able to reconnect to my inner voice like never before. My intuition has improved. I feel like a massive weight has fallen off of me... both figuratively and literarily. I am losing weight and toning my muscles again. The Medchiyoga in combination with the nutrition program is doing wonders. I feel revitalized, energized and rejuvenated. An intensive reset, a powerful reboot for body, mind and spirit. Looking for a new beginning? BMS Detox is the way to go!
Reiki Teacher
I am so grateful to Catherine, she is a real teacher from the heart, she walks her talk, and she has the ability to totally shift your perception of life. A true inspirational woman and an awesome coach. Amazing how my life is changing, I feel reborn and now that I finally understand the root of my problems, and what to do about it, everything is falling pretty much into place. The Orgonite she made for me keeps me grounded and in alignment. I strongly recommend her coaching program to anyone who wants to turn their life around. Life is finally smiling at me, I have fallen in love after many hard years of emotional suffering. Thank you for showing me the way to true freedom.  
Christal Seren
Massage Therapist


Interview on Latin TV Miami “Primer Impacto”.

Retiros Espirituales en Sedona. 


Conditions are never just right. If we delay action until all factors are favourable, we do nothing and procrastinate. Even if it’s not all perfect, we will move forward way further than if we wait until all the conditions are perfect.



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